Social development gauges the advancement of a society.  There is no doubt that economical and scientific developments dictate the degree of growth of a society yet social development is the key of the progress of a Society. Health, education, women empowerment, youth development and observation of human rights are aspects of a developed society irrespective of the frames of time and space. But there are ground realities which design the mode of action for the up gradation a society. In our region microfinance and development of agricultural sectors are guarantees of social development. This is the reason SDF has engaged in these areas of social development.
We are well aware of that social development is life long process and there is no other way to tread upon for the progress of our society.
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Social Development
Foundation (SDF)
The Social Development Foundation is a non-governmental Foundation. It was established in 1994 the  
NGO is registered under ordinance 1961 under registration number DDSW (MD) 214 the dedicated for  
social development in its jurisdiction.  Foundation has a team of forward looking social actors;  
educationists and professionals form various fields, having significant experience of working with the  
developmental agencies on national level. We have prioritized the fields of social development like  
education, health, youth development, women empowerment environment, economical development and  
Awareness, sensitization and capacity building of the masses and technical and economical assistance  
are our tools to actualize our objectives. For the purpose, SDF organizes the local communities and  
develops their managerial and technical capacity. It also facilitates them in the process of income  
generation through provision of credit. Besides, SDF also extends services in the areas of natural resource  
management, Social protection, primary health care, education and water. The working strategy of  
organization is based on the continuous process of research on social issues relevant with and related to  
community development.

Besides this, the SDF is enrolled with women development, social welfare (government of Pakistan) and  
Punjab Aids Consortium. The Foundation has been struggling for social uplift of the marginalized  
communities of Pakistan.  

Besides this, the SDF is enrolled with women development, social welfare (government of Pakistan) and  
Punjab Aids Consortium. The Foundation has been struggling for social uplift of the marginalized  
communities of Pakistan.  

SDF is providing services in above mentioned development sectors.
SDF is facilitating the communities according to the local needs and atmosphere in order to bring  
change through participatory development approaches.  
The NGO’s team is also facilitating the target communities through family hospitals, training  
centers and technical and economical assistance.

Every human being in our jurisdiction is our beneficiary and we are more focused on marginalized
segments of the society for example women, minorities and unskilled persons etc.  

Social Development Foundation visualizes dynamic and progressive society.  We wish to see the society
where human achieve the best level of care, people must exercise their rights and freedom.

Non discriminative, educated, sensitized for the contribution to the society and prosperous individuals are  
the mission of the Social Development Foundation.  
in satisfying basic need and providing equal opportunities to both men and woman, poor and disabled, so  
that every body should have an equal chance for their talent to thrive on.

Every human being of our society must behave and lead the life in sublime and dignified manner worthy of  
paragon of creatures
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Health is the field where SDF has worked very rigorously. Although we have very scarce resources as compared to


Education is the basic factor for the development of a society. It is an established fact that even the richest nations of the world


SDF considers this earth is just not the home of ours but our next generations will live on this planet. It is our duty to do every


Pakistan is an agricultural country. Our economy is dependent on this sector. Change is the order of the day. In our country,


Livelihood is the most essential need of human beings after their biological needs. It is an observed phenomenon whenever


It is a known fact the development of a nation depends a lot on the participation of females. But we have to work hard to make


People of Pakistan are hard working and they like to learn the skills. Especially women are far ahead than men in learning skills.

Women Empowerment

We are working in this sector as being the sacred duty of ours. We are providing our services in the following fields

Volince Against Women

Youth Development

Youth is the most vibrant stratum of the society. Pakistan is a country where youth’s percentage is very high. This is a very
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