Social development gauges the advancement of a society.  There is no doubt that economical and scientific developments dictate the degree of growth of a society yet social development is the key of the progress of a Society. Health, education, women empowerment, youth development and observation of human rights are aspects of a developed society irrespective of the frames of time and space. But there are ground realities which design the mode of action for the up gradation a society. In our region microfinance and development of agricultural sectors are guarantees of social development. This is the reason SDF has engaged in these areas of social development.
We are well aware of that social development is life long process and there is no other way to tread upon for the progress of our society.
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Social Development
Foundation (SDF)
SDF Agricultural and Live Stock Farms
Pakistan is an agricultural country. Our economy is dependent on this sector. Change is the order of the  
day. In our country, we, of course have changed our methodology of agriculture over the years. But we  
miserably failed to cope with the pace of changes in agricultural sector. In Pakistan we have to bring about  
drastic changes due to following reasons
Shortage of water
Grand reduction in profits
Energy crises
Lack of technical knowhow among the farmers
Stubbornness in adopting new methodologies by farmers
Very excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides
Dependency on traditional crops
Lack of research
Very costly implementation
In the present scenario, for the survival of the sector we have to work on war footings. We have to start  
work from the very grass root levels in different discipline of the agriculture.
SDF is working in Khanewal, a district dependant on agriculture. There is no industrial development in the  
district so all the businesses depends directly and indirectly on agriculture. The chances of industrial  
development are bleak because of unavailability of skilled labour. Presently, we have to come over all the  
problems to ensure the survival of the sector in other words survival of the nation. SDF to combat such  
problems is taking steps and it is reality, you have to take a step, no matter the magnitude of the problem  
is gigantic one.
Our program to develop the agriculture of the vicinity is of two folds; training of the persons for the provision  
of skilled persons for the sector and induction of new developments in the sector of agriculture.
Research and development of agricultural sector by  the implementation of new and recommended  
methodologies and cultivation of new recommended varieties of crops and raising of new recommended  
breeds of livestock.
SDF Training Center for the Farmers
SDF has established agricultural training center and research farm at Khanewal. In this training center we  
are providing training to work force and mangers, who have adopted agriculture as being there profession.
Training of farm work Force
Most of the rural population associated with this trade. Because they have not trained so they donít  
prepare land in accordance to the need of the crop, inputs are wasted and even the harvesting is not done  
accordingly and storage of their crops is done in not a beneficial way. This cause a loss to the farmers, the  
productivity of the country suffers and the prosperity of the community is hampered.
In the training centre we are training persons for the following disciplines.
Training Courses of drivers and workers of agricultural machinery and proper care of it  
Training Courses for field laborers, gardeners and orchard workers
Training of work force for livestock farm
Training for artificial insemination
Training programs and workshops for the farm managers
Controlled shed technicians
Fish farm technicians
Insect farming technicians
Tunnel farming technicians
Drip and sprinkle irrigation technicians
Training of food storage
SDF is running a program for the training of the agricultural labor. In this training they are taught to work  
more efficiently and accurately. This skilled  
Animal husbandry is a vital section of agricultural sector. Even it is more profitable than the crop farming.  
But it is quite a technical task to up bring new varieties of animal to yield more milk and meat to meet the  
need of protein of the nation in the shape of milk and meat.

Semen Producing Farm
It is an established fact that the animals of good breed are vital for the economy of the farmer. To get the  
animals of good breed is very costly rather out of the reach of most of the farmers; artificial insemination is  
the most vital process to have animals of the good breed.
It is also a fact that to raise male animal for the breeding purpose is a costly job. Artificial insemination is  
very good option to come over this problem. In our training centre we are raising male animals of good  
breeds. The semen is obtained and filled in specific containers. This is used for the artificial insemination.
We trained boys to carry on the process of artificial insemination. This way we are providing a livelihood  
earning skill. This will raise the income of the community.

Crop production is the primary activity in the agriculture sector. In SDF Farms, we are growing crops,  
training local folk for the better crop protection and supporting research in this sector. We are also  
advocating new methodologies which are helpful for the better yield and income of the farmers. In the crop  
sector we have used drip irrigation system. As it is clear fact we are facing the shortage of water. The  
quantity of water in our rivers is lessening day by day. We have to introduce new methods of irrigation  
otherwise we are going to face a severe famine. In areas like Khanewal the water table has drastically  
fallen down this is due to irrigation carried on by tube wells and turbines. This reduction in water table has  
made irrigation more costly and sometimes it becomes unprofitable to grow crops due to high cost of  
irrigation water.  
Drip irrigation system just not saves water but also saves nutrients. This quality of drip irrigation system  
makes input of low cost. This saving in the inputs motivates the farmers. In SDF farm we are applying this  
facility at orchards; we have planted Kino, guava, oranges and pomegranate in this orchard.  
Vegetables are vital part of our nutrition. In our farm we are also going to develop tunnel farming. This will  
ensure the production of vegetables and encourage farmers to explore new system for better income.  
Out of season vegetables are obtained through tunnel farming this will enhance the profits of farmers.  This  
is the good news for the farmers of the area. Usually out of season vegetables bear good price and farmer  
earn more profit and this way the survival of the sector is ensured in the areas of lowered water table.
Seed Producing Farm  
We will produce the seeds of the crops which have good yield in our environment. Presently our more  
focus on vegetables. We are going for tunnel farming for the production of the seeds.  
Seed producing is quite a technical yet profit earning task the training of the farmers in seed production is  
a craft to earn more for the sake of prosperity.  
Energy crises is affecting all the earning sectors of our country, the agricultural sector is one of the worst  
effected sector. The cost of irrigation by the tube wells and turbines is out of the reach of the farmers and  
sometimes the growing of crops becomes unprofitable enterprise.  
In some areas without special techniques and more investment the growing of crops becomes unprofitable  
business. In these areas drip irrigation is very useful and successful option. Considering the position of  
water available; its scarcity, enhancing every year suggests it would be a major source of irrigation in  
coming years.
Research farms like SDF are very useful; by the practical use of drip irrigation system the chances to  
enhance its affectivity will be more.        

Crop Prevention Scheme  
In this scheme farm labour along with machinery operators are trained to work force for agriculture. We are  
doing it by applying and training in following fields
Appropriate use of fertilizers and nutrients
Appropriate use of pesticides
Adopting eco friendly biological methods

Appropriate use of pesticides
Spraying pesticides is an important factor to preserve agricultural land and profitability and sustainability of  
the agricultural businesses. We keep very vigilant eye of pesticide use and train local folk for the  
appropriate use of pesticides  

Appropriate use of fertilizers and nutrients
Use of fertilizers and to spread of nutrients in the field is very important factor in getting good yield and  
profits. Pesticides, fertilizers and nutrients are quite costly in the country and spoilage of these inputs may  
cost too much. Hand sprayers mechanical sprayers used by tractors and broadcasting are the common  
methods being employed in the agricultural fields.

Biological methods  
Rearing helpful and friendly species for the pest control is the most vital fact and in future it will be perhaps  
the most valuable method for the crop protection. SDF Farms are in working in this field to fulfill the  
demands of future.

Agronomy/Crop Husbandry
The deciding factor of good crop growing and bad crop growing is the use of crop husbandry. The keen  
observation of crops and supply of inputs in time and in recommended quantities has a strong effect on the  
crops for this purpose trained field workers are required. This can enhance the yield of farm too much. We  
have arranged classes for the agronomy technicians to enhance the productivity of the farms.  

Vegetables are perhaps the most vital ingredient of our nutrition. It is also a profit earning activity if new and  
modern methods are used. Green houses and tunnel farming are very important in the production of  
vegetables and at SDF Farms classes for kitchen gardening is also held to get fresh vegetables at home  
by women and this way they can add to their savings.   

Gardening is a field, can accommodate many persons for their livelihood to be earned inside the country  
and useful skill to earn broad. We are preparing gardeners to enhance their own income and to share in  
prosperity of the community.

Orchard Growing
The profit earning aspect of crop growing is cultivation of orchards. The mangoes and citrus fruits are very  
popular throughout the world. The cultivation of the supreme qualities of these fruit is quite possible in the  
district of Khanewal.   
We are working for the improvement of the varieties of these fruit and also training of the agricultural labour  
to handle these fruits to export and to earn foreign exchange. It is reported that we lose almost 80% of it  
due to mishandling of the fruit.

Ornamental Plant Growing
Ornamental plants are also the source of great income in the agricultural sector. Holland earns a lot of  
money by growing ornamental plants. We can grow these plants to enhance the earning of farmers in the  

Medicinal Plants
Medicinal plants are of extreme importance in the agricultural sector. Nowadays it is trend of the world to  
move to natural and herbal medical treatment. In this wake we can earn a lot of money by cultivating  
medicinal plants. Medicinal plants like ispaghole, mint, any seed and roses are very important.

Budding and grafting  
In ornamental plantation and orchard growing the technique is very important and plenty of money may be  
earned by entailing these techniques. This is additional expertise of ornamental and orchard growing  
skilled workers.

Mushroom Farming
Mushrooms are very vital source of proteins, if handled properly this commodity may be sold in local as  
well as foreign market, in big cities it is a very useful part of cuisine. This can enhance the income of  
farmers a lot. The techniques of mushroom farming are very helpful to increase the income of farmers.  

Nursery Farming
Nursery farming is very important sector of crop growing. We have established a nursery farm in SDF  
Farms to meet our requirement and to be used as commercial entity and it also used as training center for  
local folk who are interested in nursery farming.    

Farm Mechanization  
It is the most important factor of the contemporary agriculture. It is impossible to get yield even to meet  
expanses of its cultivation without mechanization. The use of tractors wheat thrashers and harvesters are  
common in the country and the efficiency of these instruments depends a lot on the operators of these  
machines. There is no scientific training of these operators. This just not enhances the depreciation of  
these instruments and the maintenance of these becomes too costly. It also affects the productivity of the  
agricultural farm.  
Drip irrigation  
In the orchard sector we have used drip irrigation system. As it is clear fact we are facing the shortage of  
water. The quantity of water in our rivers is lessening day by day. We have to introduce new methods of  
irrigation otherwise we are going to face a severe famine. In areas like Khanewal the water table has  
drastically fallen down this is due to irrigation carried on by tube wells and turbines. This reduction in water  
table has made irrigation more costly and sometimes it becomes unprofitable to grow crops due to high  
cost of irrigation water.  
Drip irrigation system just not saves water but also saves nutrients. This quality of drip irrigation system  
makes low cost of inputs. This saving in the inputs motivates the farmers. In SDF farm we are applying this  
facility at orchards; we have planted Kino, guava, oranges and pomegranate in orchard.

Sprinkle Irrigation
Crops like wheat rice it is impossible to deploy drip irrigation. To cut the expanses of irrigation it is quite  
necessary to use sprinkle irrigation because of the scarcity of the water. Sprinkles are quite helpful to  
irrigate crops with the limited water.

Rearing of Animals and Allied Activities  
Rearing of animals is a vital aspect of agricultural economy. In Pakistan we can read this activity under  
these captions  

Farming of Cows and Buffalos                                                                                                                      
it is done mainly for beef, skin, milk and sacrificial animals. Beef and milk is the basic nutrient of the  
human beings. The butter has its own importance in diet. The consumption of these foods by the  
Pakistanis is far less than recommended. It is necessary to enhance the dairy farming for a better and  
healthy Pakistan. The breeding of such animals helps a lot to the farmers and they earn comparatively  
better money than growing of crops
In SDF Farms we have imported male calves for the production of semen and breeding cows for the better  
varieties of animals.   

Farming of Sheep and Goats  
Mainly it means for mutton, skin and sacrificial animals. These animals are reared for mutton. It is the one  
of the favorite dish of Pakistanis. But very high prices of mutton cannot be afforded by most of the  
Pakistanis. The rearing of these animals prove very profitable if are sold as sacrificial animals. The  
atmosphere at SDF Farms is quite favorable for the rearing of these animals. We have bought animals of  
very good breeds. Lambs of these breeds are also sold to farmers to be reared and to bring prosperity for  
them. This way SDF Farms are contributing for the wealth of the vicinity.   
Poultry Farming
Comparatively it is very cheap source of protein as compared with mutton and beef. Its taste is liked by the  
most of the population of our country. In recent years the concept of controlled sheds has influenced  
severely as a house hold profession but it has developed as a industry and earning a lot of foreign  
exchange. We are also in our training center training controlled shed technicians. A controlled shed is also  
going to be constructed here.  
The food production in aquatic ponds is very vital. It does contain very vital ingredients of nutrition. There  
are many agricultural lands now have become unfit for the crop growing because of salinity. In these lands  
aqua culture is an ultimate way of earning. It is also more fruitful than crop growing. In our region aqua  
culture is of two types:
1) Fish farming  
2) Goose and duck farming  

Fish Farming
Fish farming is a remarkable business in the areas where soil is of clay typed, water logged soils and  
areas in the vicinity of rivers and canals. This is very profitable business and in our food the use of fish is  
far less than required. The production of fish is very vital for the economy of our country. We are training  
fish farm technicians.

Goose and duck farming
Ducks are very easy to rear as compare to chicken. These are more powerful to combat with diseases.  
And along fish farm they are cause of increase of fish production. Eggs of ducks are used in bakeries.  
Their meet is also very good for the health. Presently the purpose of duck farming mainly means eggs.  

Insect Farming
Insect farming is an aspect of extreme importance in the agricultural sector. Traditionally there are three  
types of insect farming is popular in our country:  
Bee farming
Lac worm farming

Bee farming  
Honey is very good food and has tremendous medicinal value. It is a precious food. Eradication of forests  
and jungles has reduced the production of honey too much. Now it is only the farming of bees can enhance  
the production of honey.  The farming is very vital at the areas where citrus fruit are cultivated and crops  
having flowers like mustards are grown. The yield is well demanded commodity in the market and farmer  
can even double his or her income by bee farming.

The mulberry plant is very important for the sericulture. In our area this plant grows very well. In the past  
when forest in our vicinity was present the sericulture was a household business. In SDF z Farms mulberry  
trees are cultivated for the sake of sericulture.

Lac worm farming  
Lac worms are reared to get a raisin known as lac. This is widely used in paints and furniture polishing our  
neighbored country India earns a lot by the rearing lac worms. We can rear these insects in our country. In  
SDF Farms special measures are being adopted for the lac production.

Agricultural & Live Stock Farms


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Pakistan is an agricultural country. Our economy is dependent on this sector. Change is the order of the day. In our country,


Livelihood is the most essential need of human beings after their biological needs. It is an observed phenomenon whenever


It is a known fact the development of a nation depends a lot on the participation of females. But we have to work hard to make


People of Pakistan are hard working and they like to learn the skills. Especially women are far ahead than men in learning skills.

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