Social development gauges the advancement of a society.  There is no doubt that economical and scientific developments dictate the degree of growth of a society yet social development is the key of the progress of a Society. Health, education, women empowerment, youth development and observation of human rights are aspects of a developed society irrespective of the frames of time and space. But there are ground realities which design the mode of action for the up gradation a society. In our region microfinance and development of agricultural sectors are guarantees of social development. This is the reason SDF has engaged in these areas of social development.
We are well aware of that social development is life long process and there is no other way to tread upon for the progress of our society.
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Social Development
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In September 2006 Social Development Foundation Khanewal was awarded with a mother and neonatal  
project called PAIMAN and the purpose was to promote awareness and sensitize community regarding  
“Birth preparedness and Complication readiness”.

Project Background:
The Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns Health (PAIMAN) is a five-year project funded by the  
United State Agency for International Development (USAID). It is committed  to assist the Government of  
Pakistan to reduce maternal, neonatal and child morbidity and  mortality in ten selected districts of the  
country through viable and demonstrable approaches.

PAIMAN works within a framework of 5 Strategic Objectives (SOs).  
Increase awareness and promote positive maternal and neonatal health behaviors.
Increase access of the community to health services including emergency obstetric and newborn care.
Involvement in maternal and child health services and ensures services are delivered through Health and  
ancillary health services.
Improve service quality in both the public and private sectors, particularly related to the management of  
obstetrical and neonatal complications.
Increase capacity of Mother and Neonatal Health managers and care providers. Improve management and  
integration of services at all levels.

Targeted areas of SDF in PAIMAN project.
Punjab is most populated province of Pakistan. Punjab has two parts that is upper Punjab and South  
Punjab. Out of these two south Punjab is most neglected, backward and out reach area of Pakistan.  
Mostly people are depends on agriculture. Poverty rate is too high because of which more than 45%  
people are living under the poverty line in southern Punjab. Population rate is 2.7% that is boosting up the  
poverty rate. Almost thirty percent people are living in slum areas where the community has not direct  
access to health institutions, water and sanitation, sufficient infrastructure, services and other utilities like  
electricity etc. District Khanewal was formed in 1985.It includes four Tehsils, which include Khanewal  
itself, Kabirwala, Mianchannu, and Jahania. Its surrounding districts are Jhang and Toba Tek Singh on the  
north, Sahiwal district on the east, Vehari on south and district Multan on west. District Khanewal is  
spread over an area of 4349 square kilometers. Khanewal have 100 union Councils in its four tehsils. SDF  
team visited the union Council Norisuhag. This u/c covers 16 villages. The people living under authority of  
this union council are facing many problems. Their source of income depends upon agriculture and labour.  
The poverty situation of this reflects that the people have very limited access to various resources  
particularly in context with health and education. Moreover the other facilities including cleanliness,  
sanitary, safe drinking water, sanitation and others also lack in the area. The current situation of this UC  
indicates that one basic health unit is functioning there properly as compare to another, which also lacks a  
number of facilities. The people have no interest to visit this BHU, as they prefer to travel Khanewal,  
Mianchannu or Multan for medical treatment. Most of staff appointed at this center in paper, is working in  
Khanewal district headquarter due to massive relations and nexus with the local politicians. The UC Nazim  
and councilors concerned also have no interest to improve the physical infrastructure of this BHU, as they  
don't bother to provide medicines and staff at this center. It seems to be very shameful to those who claim  
themselves as flag bearers of the masses, but don't pay their full attention towards basic rights of the  
people. Social Development Foundation is working in UC 7, 8, 9, 10 of Khanewal and 77, 78, 79, 80, 81,  
86, 99 of Mianchannu
PAIMAN (Pakistan Initiative for Mothers & Newborns Health)


Health is the field where SDF has worked very rigorously. Although we have very scarce resources as compared to


Education is the basic factor for the development of a society. It is an established fact that even the richest nations of the world


SDF considers this earth is just not the home of ours but our next generations will live on this planet. It is our duty to do every


Pakistan is an agricultural country. Our economy is dependent on this sector. Change is the order of the day. In our country,


Livelihood is the most essential need of human beings after their biological needs. It is an observed phenomenon whenever


It is a known fact the development of a nation depends a lot on the participation of females. But we have to work hard to make


People of Pakistan are hard working and they like to learn the skills. Especially women are far ahead than men in learning skills.

Women Empowerment

We are working in this sector as being the sacred duty of ours. We are providing our services in the following fields

Volince Against Women

Youth Development

Youth is the most vibrant stratum of the society. Pakistan is a country where youth’s percentage is very high. This is a very
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